Peter F Hamilton THE VOID Sci Fi Adventure Series Paperback Collection Books 1-3

Peter F Hamilton THE VOID Sci Fi Adventure Series Paperback Collection Books 1-3

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Ano de publicação: 2009 Tema: Ficção
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Peter F Hamilton THE VOID Sci Fi Adventure Series Paperback Collection Books 1-3

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Reviewers exhaust superlatives when it comes to the science fiction of Peter F. Hamilton. His complex and engaging novels, which span thousands of years-and light-years-are as intellectually stimulating as they are emotionally fulfilling. Now, with The Dreaming Void, the first volume in a trilogy set in the same far-future as his acclaimed Commonwealth saga, Hamilton has created another ambitious and gripping space epic. The year is 3589, fifteen hundred years after Commonwealth forces barely staved off human extinction in a war against the alien Prime. Now an even greater danger has surfaced: a threat to the existence of the universe itself. At the very heart of the galaxy is the Void, a self-contained microuniverse that cannot be breached, cannot be destroyed, and cannot be stopped as it steadily expands in all directions, consuming everything in its path: planets, stars, civilizations. The Void has existed for untold millions of years. Even the oldest and most technologically advanced of the galaxy’s sentient races, the Raiel, do not know its origin, its makers, or its purpose. But then Inigo, an astrophysicist studying the Void, begins dreaming of human beings who live within it. Inigo’s dreams reveal a world in which thoughts become actions and dreams become reality. Inside the Void, Inigo sees paradise. Thanks to the gaiafield, a neural entanglement wired into most humans, Inigo’s dreams are shared by hundreds of millions-and a religion, the Living Dream, is born, with Inigo as its prophet. But then he vanishes. Suddenly there is a new wave of dreams. Dreams broadcast by an unknown Second Dreamer serve as the inspiration for a massive Pilgrimage into the Void. But there is a chance that by attempting to enter the Void, the pilgrims will trigger a catastrophic expansion, an accelerated devourment phase that will swallow up thousands of worlds. And thus begins a desperate race to find Inigo and the mysterious Second Dreamer. Some seek to prevent the Pilgrimage; others to speed its progress-while within the Void, a supreme entity has turned its gaze, for the first time, outward. . . . From the Hardcover edition.

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Publisher Random House Publishing Group
ISBN-10 034549654x
ISBN-13 9780345496546
eBay Product ID (ePID) 66980116

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Format Paperback
Publication Year 2009
Language English

Weight 9.9 Oz
Width 4.2in.
Height 1.1in.
Length 6.9in.

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Dewey Edition 22
Series Volume Number 1
Dewey Decimal 823/.914
Series Commonwealth: the Void Trilogy
Author Peter F. Hamilton
Number of Pages 608 Pages
Publication Date 2009-02-24
Reviews Praise for Peter F. Hamilton Judas Unchained “An interstellar suspense thriller . . . sweeping in scope and emotional range.” San Antonio Express-News “Bristles with the energy of golden age SF, but the style and characterizations are polished and modern.” SF Site “Richly satisfying . . . wonderfully imagined.” Publishers Weekly (starred review) “You’re in for quite a ride.” The Santa Fe New Mexican Pandora’s Star “Should be high on everyone’s reading list . . . You won’t be able to put it down.” Nancy Pearl, National Public Radio “An imaginative and stunning tale of the perfect future threatened . . . a book of epic proportions not unlike Frank Herbert’s Dune or Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy.” SFRevu “Recommended . . . A large cast of characters, each with his own story, brings depth and variety to this far-future saga.” Library Journal “Complex and engaging.” Booklist From the Hardcover edition.

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