Chernobyl Diaries (DVD, 2012) Horror Movie, Suspense

Chernobyl Diaries (DVD, 2012) Horror Movie, Suspense

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Formato: DVD Diretor: Brad Parker
Gênero: Terror Classificação indicativa: R


Chernobyl Diaries (DVD, 2012) Horror Movie, Suspense

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Product Information
An extreme vacation turns terrifying when a group of friends visit the Chernobyl disaster site, and learn that some nightmares never die. Conceived and produced by PARANORMAL ACTIVITY’s Oren Peli, CHERNOBYL DIARIES gets underway as six thrill-seeking tourists hire a fearless tour guide, and travel to the abandoned Ukrainian city of Pripyat. Back when the Chernobyl nuclear reactor was up and running, Pripyat was the place the workers called home. But 25 years after one of the worst power-plant accidents in history, the city serves as an eerily silent testament to the dangers of nuclear power. Later, after getting unexpectedly stranded in Pripyat, the tourists and their guide realize they are being hunted. Now the harder they try to flee, the faster their numbers dwindle until only a few are left standing. Only then will the unspeakable terror that stalks these deserted streets finally emerge from the shadows to launch one last relentless, terrifying attack.

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UPC 0883929252978
eBay Product ID (ePID) 118502990

Product Key Features
Format DVD
Genre Horror
Director Brad Parker
Rating R

Additional Product Features
Leading Role Devin Kelley, Jesse Mccartney, Jonathan Sadowski, Ingrid Bolsř Berdal, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Nathan Phillips, Dimitri Diatchenko
Signal Standard Dvd
Film Country USA
Release Date 20121016
Region Code Region 1
Number of Discs 1

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