The Fly /The Fly 2 [DVD] NEW!

The Fly /The Fly 2 [DVD] NEW!

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Formato: DVD Diretor: David Cronenberg, Chris Walas
Gênero: Terror Classificação indicativa: R




The Fly /The Fly 2 [DVD] NEW!

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Product Information
Includes both FLY movies from the 1980s. In the first, from director Cronenberg, brilliant scientist Seth Brundle (Goldblum) experiments with teleportation and fuses his DNA with that of a housefly and finds himself gradually mutating into something new. In the sequel, Brundle’s son Martin (Stoltz) tries to find a way to cure himself of his faulty genetics, while a shadowy research agency manipulates his life. A pair of goopy yet emotional horror films based on the original 1958 classic.

Product Identifiers
UPC 0024543004578
eBay Product ID (ePID) 3331333

Product Key Features
Format DVD
Genre Horror
Director David Cronenberg, Chris Walas
Rating R

Additional Product Features
Leading Role Jeff Goldblum, Eric Stoltz
Film Country USA
Release Date 20000905
Display Format Double Feature
Region Code Region 1
Number of Discs 1
Edition Double Feature

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