That Magical Moment: A Valentine Romance (Vale Valley Season 2 Book 1)

That Magical Moment: A Valentine Romance (Vale Valley Season 2 Book 1)

Like your favorite Hallmark movie…only way more gay.

An omega too busy helping others to find his own happily ever after…

Nathan Willis doesn’t need an alpha. At least, that’s what he keeps telling himself. He’s content enough crafting magical clothing for the people of Vale Valley, thank you very much. When a spell backfires, he becomes part of his very own Cinderella story–now if only he could forget the handsome alpha who mistook him for someone else…

A sweet-toothed alpha looking for a place to call home…

A wolf without a pack, Caius Valens longs for someone to treasure and take care of. It’s hard to find someone to get close to when they don’t know you’re a shifter. His travels lead him to Vale Valley and the local Chocolatier’s Gala, where he falls into his very own fairy tale. Right down to the mysterious beauty disappearing at the stroke of midnight.

Can they find their way back to one another before the spell breaks? And will both men find themselves along the way?

Welcome back to Vale Valley, where love is always in the air and magic lies around every corner.

That Magical Moment is the first book in the Vale Valley Valentine’s series. If you’re looking for a sweet and steamy small town open to everyone in need of love and a home, you’ve come to the right place. This book contains magical clothing, incredible edible sculptures, way more than a dozen roses, and a feel-good happily ever after. Grab a glass of wine, a box of chocolate, and curl up with this heartwarming holiday read. 

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