Maggie’s Movies – Camera, Action!

Maggie’s Movies – Camera, Action!

HELP ME (Maggie!) FOLLOW MY DREAM and make it as a movie director in Hollywood
PLAY THROUGH 93 ENTERTAINING TIME MANAGEMENT LEVELS, consisting of 72 story levels and 21 challenge levels
HANDLE BEHIND THE SCENES DRAMA and deal with envious colleagues, celebrity divas, and other showstoppers!
DISCOVER 6 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS like my grandfather’s theater, movie sets, and Hollywood parties
FILM AND DIRECT MY MOVIE and take care of the actors, the director, the dressing room and the make-up station
MEET A WIDE VARIETY OF INTERESTING CHARACTERSas I find out who my true friends are
EARN ALL THE TROPHIES to ensure everyone will be at the premiere of my first movie
COLLECT DIAMONDS to unlock famous movie memorabilia. Do you recognize them all?

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